How to connect Knime and Teams

hello everyone,

please i’m trying to find a way to connect knime and teams together, if someone has a suggession it’s goint to help me a lot.

Thank you

Are you talking about Microsoft Teams here? And if so, do you want to build your own node to do this, or were you looking for an existing way to do it in KNIME AP?

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your response. I was referring to Microsoft Teams, and i would like to know if there is a feasible approach to accomplish it using Knime, or if there is an available node that can perform the task.


Hello @Romaric_Tekem ,

you can use the SharePoint Online Connector for this. (First you need to authenticate yourself with the Microsoft Authenticator node).
With “private channels” this setup won’t work.
See reference threads:

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question is what you want to achieve. You could write any KNIME output to a Microsoft “Storage Location” and embed that into teams

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