How to connect several datasources into one workflow? Looking for help manual for a beginniger


I should use several different datasources in my analytics project, i.e. MySQL Databases (2 separate) and a few excel files. I’m pretty new with the Knime, so could somebody be kind and tell where I should look for manual or other advice to build this process.

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Hello @Tiina_Salmenius,

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For reading data into KNIME there are various (reader) nodes, specifically for Excel files you should use Excel Reader node. For reading data from databases there are DB nodes which require connection node (MySQL Connector in your case) and eventually a reader node. From there on you use transformation and manipulation nodes to deal with your data. There is nice example which demonstrates above described activities called “Data Blending” which you can access from your KNIME Explorer under Basic Examples.


Additionally you can check KNIME Learning materials here and search for nodes and workflows on KNIME Hub.

And if any questions feel free to ask or open another topic!



Thank you so much! The answer was so close that I didn’t even notice those examples :grinning:

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If you are looking for some structure around the overall build I can provide some guidance. We use a dedicated template with explanations etc. to help keep things from becoming unmanageable. Easy to do! If any interest please email me on we represent KNIME in Australia. Cheers, Ben. Fyi we plan to release the template fir wider use just not yet. In the meantime you are welcome to see if it helps.

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Hi Ben, and thanks for your answer! I’d be interested in that template, so you’ll get some email soon.

No worries, talk soon then. Ben

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