How to connect to Knime Analytics Platform on Azure


I absolutely love Knime and would like to run some workflows on Azure to get better performance
I created a VM " Knime Analytics Platform" (not the knime server.)
However once the VM is created, I don’t know the next steps. I can’t even find how to access the GUI.

I saw how to upload and download a file to azure (using blob storage).

However I’m still lost on the way to access the GUI to the Analytics platform on Azure.
Thank you for your help!


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Hi Bernard,

To run the KNIME Analytics Platform on the Azure VM you’ll need to make an RDP connection to it. The KNIME AP will be running on a Windows VM. Here’s a link with an explanation of how to connect to a VM using RDP:


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Clear. Thank you!
Quick bonus question: For you what would be the pros and cons of using an instance of “Knime Analytics Platform” like in previous post vs installing Knime within Microsoft’s “Data science Virtual Machine”?

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