How to connect to TABLEAU to get access to dashboards with KNIME

Good afternoon. I need help. How to connect to TABLEAU to get access to dashboards.

I want to get data from the dashboards. I really need help. Tell me please.

Hi @Nuke_Attokurov ,

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Please check these examples published on KNIME Hub, where you can find hundreds of examples and workflows for your further projects as well.

Good luck!

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Perhaps you misunderstood me. I want to get access not to write data to tableau. I want to access the Source and deshboards inside tableau

Hi @Nuke_Attokurov -

Unfortunately I don’t believe this is possible, at least not without a lot of work. As part of the licensing for the Tableau API (which our current nodes use under the hood), Tableau only allows for one-way data transfer. That is, the nodes can send data TO Tableau, but not receive data FROM Tableau.

There way be a workaround for this involving Python and/or REST, but I’m not aware of a working example yet. Maybe someone else here in the community has given it a shot?

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I would assume you can use as already proposed by @ScottF python (or r / java ) snippet or a get request node with specific authentication header to access tableau server (details should be listed in their api documentation)

@Daniel_Weikert, pls can you help me to connect to tableau connect with java snippet?

I couldn’t figure out how the tableau API works.

I do not have access to Tableau Server right now but the documentation here might help you with that
Tableau Rest API