How to connect with kerberozed Hive using 'Database Connector' node?

Dear KNIMEler,

I want to access Hive running on a Kerberozed HDP (Hortonworks) installation (6 node cluster) from KNIME, running on my Windows WS using the general- JDBC based - Database Connector node. The Kerberos tickets on my KNIME machine are handled with 'MIT Kerberos Ticket Manager', accessing Hive via 'AMbari-Hive View' works.

Furthermore, accessing Hive  BEFORE Kerberozation was done worked in KNIME too - so the drivers should be in place!

By using the JDBC URL


I get

   Could not create connection to database: GSS initiate failed

What I'm doing wrong?

Thx for your help!


Are you using the FQDN rather than the IP in the host element? I managed to get this working, but alas its failing again now!

Hello Erich,

have a look at the Speaking Kerberos with KNIME Big Data Extensions blog post on how to connect to a Kerberos secured Hadoop cluster.