How to convert GPS string to lat/long coordinate in Knime

Hi colleagues,

I have this column with GPS string with this format:

25 4.1866N 55 8.3824E

Is there a smart way to retrieve from this GPS string or the coordinate as lat/long format? Or atleast the name of the address?

Thanks in advice.

Hi gujodm,

For this purpose I would suggest you to use the Palladian integration available in the Community category nodes. If zou want to learn more about Palladian extension, please take a look here:

Once you have downloaded the extension, you can use the LatitudeLongitudeToCoordinate node and then the ReserveGeocoder node. This will retrieve the information you are looking for. They work pretty well.

Please remember to request the MapzenAPI key and to add it in the Preferences config, under Palladian Geocoders.

Hope that helps,



Please find attached an example workflow (really simple).