How to convert Palladian HttpRetriever Result to normal String?

I tried ColumnRename, and everything fine, besides word "null" always appeared in output at beginning of string. And it cant be erased with Java Snippet. I also tried NekoHtmlParser but i not friendly to cyrillic text, with which i working.

Maybe someone already faced similar problem?

Is it possible to use the rule engine node maybe to force a string.

just use default label as the column you want to change to string.

does that work ?

Using the expression in the node, you could also choose how to handle empty cells.


Are you able to share an example http address that you are trying to retrieve data from using the Palladian node?  I must say that for I find the NekoHtmlParser fine, and I don't see 'null' if I use column rename...

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I think we have been discussing this issue via E-Mail or you are the second person with this problem :)

As already mentioned there; I would really like to have a sample URL, then we can have a look and try to fix the issue.

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