How to copy a block of data multiple times under each other

I have a csv file with a column with values A1,B1 C1, A2,B2,C2,A3,B3,C3.
In another csv file there are 100 rows with data in 4 columns.

Now I like to add the data from the first csv column to column 5 of the big csv file. But this column 5 should be filled with as many times the data A1,B1 C1, A2,B2,C2,A3,B3,C3 until there is data in column 5 of all 100 rows

I have added 3 csv files. One (File2_wellid.xlsx with 9 rows to add, one file (File1_picking.xlsx) with 100 rows and one file (File3_result.xlsx) what the result should be.

File1_picking.xlsx (11.7 KB)
File2_wellid.xlsx (9.6 KB)
File3_result.xlsx (12.3 KB)

hi there
here a little idea how to solve it with the chunk loop. (fit the chunksize to the reference tablechunkloopsample.knwf (14.4 KB)

Thanks, this a way to solve it.
Now I have to add the size of the chunk

Is it possible this will be done automatically by taking the number of rows from the wellid file (9rows)

Hi @RonG

It’s possible, see chunkloop_2.knwf (36.7 KB) with the Extract Table Dimension node you collect the number of rows and transport them via a flow variable to your Chunk Loop Start

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