How to copy/paste the information from one row to multiple rows based on a common item from another column

Hello team,

I am struggling with finding the proper node that would help me populate several rows from the same column with the same information, based on a common item from another column. For clarity reasons I am adding an example:

I need for all rows with A, in Column 1, to have the same information populated in Column2, as the one from row2, and so one for all the others.

Thank you for your help

Hi @Ilona13 and welcome to the KNIME community forum

There are several ways of achieving this. The first idea it comes to my mind is the following:

  1. First make sure that for every “Column 1” value (i.e. “A”), the row with the fulfilled value is the first one (i.e. “20-May-22”). It is the case in your example but if it were not, you would need to use first a row -Sorter- node to sort incrementally first by “Columns 1” and secondly decrementally by “Column 2” to get it organized as in your current table.
  2. Once it is sorted this way, you could use a -Missing Value- node to fill up the missing value cells in “Column 2”. The way to configure this node would be to fill missing values with previous valid value.

These two nodes should do the trick :wink:

Hope it helps. Otherwise please reach out again and we will help further.



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