How to create a classification of raw data

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I would like to know how to resolve my problem with knime analytics platform…
For example i have a table “Score” below

Name Value
A 2.01
B 1.30
C 3.61
D 1.52
E 2.55
F 5.00
G 5.00
H 4.01
I 2.21
J 1.11

Then i want to make classification / flag based on the value column of table “Score”, for excample

Class Range of Value
Significant Below Target 1 - < 2
Below Target 2 - < 3
Meet Target 3
Above Target > 3 - < 4
Significant Above Target 4 - 5

so the final table will be like

Name Value Class
A 2.01 Below Target
B 1.30 Significant Below Target
C 3.61 Above Target
D 1.52 Significant Below Target
E 2.55 Below Target
F 5.00 Significant Above Target
G 5.00 Significant Above Target
H 4.01 Significant Above Target
I 2.21 Below Target
J 1.11 Significant Below Target

Can you provide me with solution here ?
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Any help will be apriciated…
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One way would be to use the Rule Engine node.
Configuration would look something like:

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thank you very much dnaki. its’s very helpfull.