How to create a column with a start month and end month

Hi Knimers,
I’d like to create a column using a start month and the number of month, but have no idea how to do this.

the input is like this:
**id |start month| # of month
01 | 01-01-2020 | 8

the expected output is:
**id |month|
01 | 01-01-2020
02 | 01-02-2020
03 | 01-03-2020
04 | 01-04-2020
05 | 01-05-2020
06 | 01-06-2020
07 | 01-07-2020
08 | 01-08-2020

Thanks in advance

Hi @JoshuaOvO and welcome to the Knime Community.

You can use the Create Date&Time Range node to do this.

Here’s a quick workflow I put together:

Input data:


Here’s the workflow:
Generate dates based on start date and number of month.knwf (16.3 KB)

Note: The date format depends on your locale settings, and mine is set as yyyy-MM-dd. If your locale settings is set such that it’s dd-MM-yyyy, it should automatically display the same way as what you showed as output. If it does not, and you really want to force the display to be dd-MM-yyyy, and you are struggling with this, let me know and I can add that part too.


perfect! thanks so much

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