How to create a .rolling in knime

Hello, I need to create a function that gives me a 30-day window to make a sum and see how many values ​​there are
I usually do this in python using the .rolling function, giving it a 30-day ordering window, however, none of the python scripts that knime handles has allowed me to work with this function, if someone also knows how to accommodate it, what it is for, I would appreciate it

datos_reexpedicion_tdc[‘30D’]=DATE.groupby(by=[‘ID’,‘ACCOUN’]).rolling(‘30d’,on=‘DATES’)[‘Número de tarjeta’].count().reset_index()[‘Number’]
the result of the operation are the values ​​in 30d
Thank you
Date.xlsx (321.1 KB)

Forget about python, I managed to integrate it, the problem is that python only recognizes its own datetime, not the one that arrives by default, the only thing that remains in my doubt is if it could be done in knime

Hi @Jalvear,

For sure this is possible with KNIME’s own nodes also, please have a look at this example provided by a colleague of mine: Rolling Time Series Predictions – KNIME Hub

That should give you a good starting point for developing your own workflow.


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