How to create an update site to deploy my new nodes.

I have created some new nodes for knime and i wish i can deploy them in our company easily.

Until now i send them to my colleagues by email or ftp. But it is tedious to inform everyone to reinstall the new nodes everytime. So I wish to create a website in our company and depoly my nodes on it. So my colleagues can update their KNIME automatically just by click the command in Help/Check for updates.

But I can not found any information on how to create such a website.

Would you please help me or tell me how to find the document on this task?

Thank you for your kind.




You need to create an Update Site, see e.g. You can either distribute the results as they are (as directories in the file system), ZIP them, or put them onto a webserver.

If you like to use categories, you have to run p2-UpdateSitePublisher and p2-CategoryPublisher after you have created/refreshed your update site (there is a bug with categories in Helios)