How to create flows?

Sorry for the noob question, but I can't find the answer to what should be a simple question in Google.

I want to create a workflow with the following steps:

Truncate a table (SQL Executor)

Read a flat file (File Reader)  

Write to a table (DB Writer)

I have no idea how to get the flow created connecting the "truncate" step with the "read flat file" step.  I realize the write to table can do the truncate, but I'm trying to learn KNIME and this seems like a pretty common flow.

Can someone enlighten me?


Apparently it was a better question than I though :-)


Hi Theodore,

since the File Reader should be independent of the SQL Executor in principle, I assume that you want to connect the two nodes to ensure that the DB import is only executed after the truncation. If thats the case, you can use the flow variable ports that every node has (Right Click > Show Variable Ports). If you connect these ports, the execution of the second node starts only if the first one completed.


Thanks Nils,

I suspected there was a simple way to do this, but just couldn't find it.  Your suggestion worked perfectly!


Thanks again.