How to create graphic from weather data?

I have monthly weather data (temperatur, rain) over several years.

year | month | temp | rain
2018 | 01 | -1.2 | 22.3
2018 | 02 | 3.2 | 12.3
2019 | 01 | -4.2 | 22.3
2019 | 02 | 1.2 | 12.3
2020 | 01 | 2.2 | 12.3
2020 | 02 | 2.5 | 12.3

This data shall be displayed (e.g. as interactive line chart) for every month (one line) over all the years to see the actual development of the weather over the year on a monthly base.
The optimum would be an interactive chart to select the month to see.
Up to now I tried several charts in KNIME but none of them gave me the required configuration dialogs to solve my.
Is there a chart that could solve my wishes?

Just to be sure: you want the year to be on the x-axis, rain or temperature on the y-axis and one line per month? In that case, you need the Pivoting node. Under “Groups” select year as group column, under “Pivots” select month and under “Manual Aggregation” select both rain and temp with the aggregation method “First”. The result is a table where every year is one row and for each month you have two columns: one for the temperature of the month in the respective year and one for the rain in that month. You can then pass this table into a Line Plot node and choose year as x-axis and the aggregation columns for rain or temperature accordingly as columns for the lines.
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Thanks! That solved my problem.


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