How to create multiple loops within a loop?

Hi all

I have a file with 30 rows in 7 columns, these 7 columns serve the purpose of different weighting assigning to respective input node for modeling.  For each row, it aims to have different iterations (e.g. different seed values) for modeling using different weighting.

So, I need to import the first row (first iteration), do the modeling with the first set of columns (7 weightings), then start again in the next row of parameters until the end of file.  I use Chunk Loop Start, which facilitate reading one by one.

However, error in the modeling node stated that problem in looping.  I think the problem is using two looping within a flow, do u have any examples or solutions to resolve it?



Hi Lawson,

can you provide some more details about the error message, the second loop and maybe a workflow that reproduces the issue?