How to create multiple xls files based on a field or parameter?

help needed :)

I many times have a need to create large data exports where I would like to have just one xls writer which would then be able to write the data to separate tables based on for example country field in my data?

Can this be done somehow? 

At the moment I might create tens of row filter nodes for each country and then own xls writers for each. :(

Thanks already in advance! 



Anyone? :)

If you feed the Table Row To Variable Loop Start node with the list of values that are being translated into variables you can assign the variable in the Row Filter (filtering the original dataset) and write the resulting table into individual files. The unique file name can be constructed for example with the Java Snippet nodes or the String Manipulator; the Table Row To Variable and Variable To Table Row nodes help to translate table and variable back and force. The loop always need to be closed by a Loop End node. Similar to the workflow hosted in our EXAMPLES SERVER at knime://EXAMPLES/011_FlowVarsAndLoops/011007_readMultipleFiles -- hope this helps?

Let me give an example - I have a data set in KNIME that has these two fields:

- Country

- Revenue


Number of rows 1 000 000

This would not fit into one xls. 

So how would I make it create an own xls for each country? 

I tried to understand the example, but I failed. :D 


@Gaberiel I believe is talking about something like this.

You will want to use the column of data (Column Filter) of Countries to become a Variable Loop to your XLS Sheet Appender.  In the settings of Sheet Appender you want the "sheetname" to be the Variable=Country.


Hopefully this screenshot helps.


Thanks, David. Just to give you a quick outlook, with KNIME 2.12 released by the end of the month you will be able to write more than 65k rows and 256 column into one XLSX (yes -X) sheet.