How to create rows and split services

Hi, i need help with the next problem pls.

I want to add more rows with a determine service. for example i have de next table.

|id|name|serviceCatergory1 |serviceCatergory2 |
|1|harold|service1,service2 |service5,service6 |
|2|mario |service1 |service4,service5,service6|

i want to generate the following result table:

|id|name|serviceCatergory |value|

In a nutshell i want to unpivoting but i want also separate the services by comma and optimize the workflow why this will be procesing more than 50000 rows. Thanks

Hi @bellyoz -

Here’s an example that works for your case. If you end up adding more category columns, you’d just need to add in additional Cell Splitter nodes to the workflow.

As usual with KNIME, there’s probably a more elegant way to do this! But I hope it helps.


SplittingUnpivotingExample.knwf (14.3 KB)

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Woww , this is i want need thanks.

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