How to deal with NaN values?

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The missing value node in the standard knime repository it is very useful, because it allows to filter out rows containing missing values or alternatively substitute them with some useful value from the data (e.g. mean, max, min, etc.). Anyway this node account only for the missing values and not also for the “NaN” values (or "infinite" ones) which are generated by some nodes. Is there a specific way to treat those?

If not, could it be interesting to (optionally?) include those to be managed in future versions of Missing Value node?

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I agree that it's currently quite hard to deal with NaN in KNIME. You can use the Java Snippet Row Filter to remove rows with NaN (e.g. "return !Double.isNaN(xxx)"), but this is about it.

However, the missing value node is the wrong place, because NaN is something very different from a missing value. If you, for example, divide 0/0 you get NaN. But this is certainly not a missing value.

OK Thor, you're completely right, the Missing Value node is not a good place to incorporate a functionality for the management of NaN. Maybe we can think to an ad hoc node to deal with all non-finite quantities (NaN, infinites, etc.)

Thanks for your solution with the Java Snippet Row Filter node. It works well. Finally I was doing the same using a Row Filter node and a regex.

As I said these solutions work well when you apply them to a certain predefined column. As I want to filter out possible NaN values in all the columns of my table, I tried to mount your solution inside a Column List Loop where at each step I filter out NaNs rows for the current column. Anyway there is a problem with this approach because the Loop End Column Append node use a full outer join on the RowID column, while in this case an inner join is needed. For this reason what this loop de facto do is to transform NaN values into missing values. So finally you can solve the problem applying Missing Value node after the loop. Anyway I was wondering if in KNIME it exist a more elegant solution for this (like a Loop End Column Append working with a inner joint).

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I think the recursive loops can perform this kind of filtering. See the nice intro from Iris for details.

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Hello Gabor,

Thank you so much for your suggestion. I'll take a look at the video and try to apply the recursive loops.


Similar approach, but using java snippet (simple) Node
This will convert the NaN into a missing value, so you can better deal with it.

double doublecol =$mycolumn$;
if (Double.isNaN(doublecol)){return null;}
else{return doublecol;}
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