How to deploy KNIME workflows

I am struggling a bit to find information on how to deploy a workflow I built in KNIME.
Right now I zipped my workflow folder and send it to a friend for him to import into his KNIME workspace. This allows full control over the wokflow and the potential to mess it up. This is okay for collaboration but how do I effectively share it with an “end user”?
Especially when the workflow requires individual input from the user?

I saw that the KNIME server is an option but that’s outside my price range :smiley:

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Hi there @zzzZZZzzz,

What kind of workflow are you building and what input do you need from end user if you may share?

Not sure what is your project about and what are you trying to build but seems what are you looking for is exactly KNIME Server :smiley:


It’s the one I asked about here.
User inputs a URL or search terms as well as a target folder, the workflow then finds all relevant PDFs on Google and downloads them to this folder.

Or let’s say there is no user input required - still no other option than KNIME Server?

Hi there,

If I got you right you would like to build a service that would enable users to identify (PDF) files hosted on a given domain and download files they want?

So it is not just about user input. It is the whole concept of sharing, deploying, collaborating… Exactly the KNIME Server features.



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