how to determine category path

Hi, I want to know how to determine hte category path for a node. suppose i am creating a new node and i want to put it under an existing categories in node repository. what is the category path that i need to use in that case., say, for example, to put it under the “Meta” category, should the category path be “/Meta/” or anything else?Please give an example. and if possible , let me know how to determine the category path of any of the existing categories? is there any xml or other description file where this information can be found?

the pathes of the categories are defined in the plugin.xml file of the defining plugin. If you have a look into org.knime.base/plugin.xml and look under extensions, you will find most of the categories defined with the extension point org.knime.workbench.repository.categories.
You then have to enter the path + level-id into the category-path of your node extension. Does that answer your question? Best, Fabian

yes…thank you so much…
now i am able to put my node under an exisitng category