How to display all the column names from the input port using DialogComponentStringListSelection component.


I create a new knime node by using the' create new knime node extension'.I would like to display all the column names inside a combo. I use the below code to display the combo.

addDialogComponent(new DialogComponentColumnNameSelection(
                getXColumnModel(), "X Axis: ", 0, false, true,
                DoubleValue.class, DateAndTimeValue.class));

It will display only the column with integer value. I would like to display all the columns.How I can display all the columns in the incoming port.Could you please help me to solve this.Thanks in advance.



Shouldn't passing a `DataValue.class` as most general filter work?


Thanks for your reply.

I got the column names of the input port from the DataTableSpec in the configure method.How can I set these column values as the content of the combobox.Could you please help me.