How to do a loop and joiner together

Hi All,

I need to loop several columns “Id” and joiner with the data from another table.

I´m not 100% sure that this is the best solution.

Thank you very much for your help!!!


How about using the Joiner node like this:

Is this what you need?


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Hi Armin,

No, because it will bring only one time and I need that in arr[1] the joiner bring the 4 columns and after the arr[2] the joiner bring the 4 columns againg and againg.

I dont know if I make my self clear.

Thank you for your help!

Would you please upload an example dataset and your desired output?

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Hi Armin,

This is an example using the joiner, but I have more than 15 columns.

loop_each_column_and_return_the result.knwf (400.6 KB)

My first reply to this topic does exactly what you want.

Test it on one of the joiners in your workflow.

To keep or remove joining columns you can check or uncheck this option:


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