How to do R view by using alternative graphics packages?

dear list, as i a new to Knime and almost new to R, i would like to know if someone of you knows how to create R graphics with knime by using packages like lattice, cairo, .... and to view them as convenient as the png's with R view? cheers, andreas

I would love to do the same.  I have installed a package library in R but cannot call that package in KNIME. 

For instance, I have tried to duplicate this tutorial:

I installed the package fine in R and was able to do it all in R but I cannot get the node R View (Local) to work.  It pushed out this error: 

ERROR     R View (Local)     Execute failed: Execution o R script failed: Error in library(portfolio) : there is no package called 'portfolio'


Can you please double-check that you are using the correct R installation for the execution of the R View (Local) node; see dialog tab R Binary. In addition, did you add library(portfolio) to your R script? Sorry, those are just guesses...

Regards, Thomas