How to duplicate the value of cell content Table into N value row Table

Dear all,

I would like to ask if there is possibility to copy or duplicate the cell content of a specific column to N Row

(N row counted from the rows of column Title as an example)

I want to copy the array of the first row (in that column) into each other cell of the column. my output then should look like:   


Table 1:



Table 2 :



The final Tabe That I need it to be : 

Title WordDuplicate
title1 [text1,text2,text3]
title2 [text1,text2,text3]
title2 [text1,text2,text3]


I know how to join the table ()join Node but just I need to duplicate the rows. there is a possibility to do that



hello again

see attached workflow with loops


Thank you for your help. is that possible the number of loops automatic from other table don't need to PUT the manually.

like my example below .



I Mean count or generate the number of loops automatic based on the number of the other columns row

yes.. just put a group by on the other table and count a column.. convert the count into a variable and send it to the loop

Do you have an example of that?


of we go..
I found even a simpler method.. ;-)

THANK YOU!!. I got this error in the counting loop NODE "cannot loop fewer than once"I don't understand it .

Please find attached my screenshot


In your workflow, you have an Integer column contain numbers of rows and from that column, you collect the number of rows for loop (min, max) In my case I don't have this column all my columns are defined as a string.

I need to count the rows of each column and take the number MAX for the loop

Could you help me with that 


you can either do a cross join of the two tables.

Or you use the one row to many node, this will just duplicate the rows, dependent of an integer column in the table. This you need to create, e.g. by appending a variable, a constant value, or maybe some math formula.

Best, Iris 

do you have a simple example I'm quite new in knime thanks.


hello worklfow should should not give errors.. as long as you have the row count as variables and some rows in the table..maybe you connect it straight to the exls than filtering columns firs out.. try again..

good luck!