How to execute a prediction using a .xls data and .pmml model created in SPSS

Hello everyone,
I am a new user of Knime and I got stucked in my problem. I received a table (.xls) with some data and a .pmml model created in SPSS. I tried a lot of different workflows, with different nodes, to execute these inputs. I goal is generate predictions using the given data but I didn't realize how to, properly, execute it.

I tried:
My final model till now:

I really appreciated if some of you, Knime fellas, could help me.


Hi Raphael,

you need to read the pmml file using a PMML Reader node.

But, despite pmml being a unique format each vendor has its own specialities incldued, so we cannot promise that it can be used for your specific PMML. You might also want to try the JPMML node.

Kind regards, Iris

Thank you for your help.
I'll try to search information about what you recommend.
Best regards,