how to execute knime workflows deployed in server?


   My problem scenario is this,

      I have designed a knime workflow and deployed on server.

Now i want to start the execution of that workflow from the first node i have used, with the user given inputs inside my java class.

How this can be achieved??? 

Please Help.....


Anothere Question:

  is it always necessary to start KNIME BatchExecutor to invoke/start knime workflow execution from a java code??

If no, what is the other feasible way for it???

Please suggest..


-Thank you..

You can use the REST interface in version 4.1 to execute jobs on the server.


thor, how can the REST interface can be used? Do you have an example.

I have a workflow no 1 and I want to call an other workflow no 2, the output to be an html file.

How can be done via REST interface? Do you have a guide line for this.(something very basic since I don't have much experince with kime)

Thank you,