How to execute R-Snippet correctly?

Hi everyone,
I am using a R-Snippet for PCA projection (library (PCAmixdata).
My code is working inside of the R-Snippet dialog window. So, in the workspace there is the correct knime.out <- mixData$ind$coord matrix visible. But when I try to execute the node there comes a ERROR:

ERROR R Snippet 2:186 Execute failed: R evaluation failed.: “knime.tmp.ret<-NULL;printError<-function(e) message(paste(‘Error:’,conditionMessage(e)));for(exp in tryCatch(parse(text=knime.tmp.script),error=printError)){tryCatch(knime.tmp.ret<-withVisible(eval(exp)),error=printError)
if(!is.null(knime.tmp.ret)) {if(knime.tmp.ret$visible) print(knime.tmp.ret$value)}};rm(knime.tmp.script,exp,printError);knime.tmp.ret$value”

I am operating on macOS SIERRA, Version 10.12.6


Would it be possible for you to share the log file? You can find it at the following path: <knime.workspace>.metadata\knime\knime.log

Thank you,

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