How to execute Scripts in Knime ?


I have connected to HBase using Jdbc driver and able to retrieve the data from Hbase. I would like to execute a Pig script and upload data to Hbase.

a. Could you please advise on how to execute Pig Script in Knime ?

b. Is there any other approach to load data to Hbase from Knime once connected through Jdbc driver ?

Thanks in advance.




currently there is no good way to execute Pig scripts from within KNIME. We do not have plans to add this.

Does you actually require Pig scripts or do you only want Pig because you can insert data into HBase there?

For the december release we plan to add support for Apache Phoenix, with which you can work with HBase data via JDBC. With the Phoenix integration you will also be able to do UPSERT [1], which does "inserts if not present and updates otherwise the value in the table."

Note that Apache Phoenix support will be part of the commercial Big Data Connectors (not open-source).