how to export and import ndoes


What is the proper / preferred method of importing and exporting nodes? The documentation describes directions that create a jar file, and then indicates that the jar file should be placed in the “dropins” directory:

However, on another thread I was told that this is “legacy mechanism for loading Eclipse extension that are not available as features. You should really consider using features and the Update Manager for installing/using your nodes”

I tried using the created jar file with the Update Manager in KNIME but it didn’t work. How do I export my nodes such that they are “available as features” and how do I use the Update Manager to then install them? Thank you,


Here’s another way I found for installing KNIME nodes in a system. I’m not sure if this is the “correct” way of doing it - it would be great to hear from someone on the development team about this. This method works with version 2.1.2 of KNIME, but not version 2.0

  1. Create an eclipse feature project that references your KNIME node plugin project
  2. create an eclipse update site project that references this feature project
  3. build the the eclipse update site project
  4. When running KNIME, go to update software, add a local site, choose the directory that contains the built eclipse update site project
  5. choose the feature project and install it

You can also zip up the update site project directory* and then instead of adding a local site (step 4) add an archive site, and then use the zip file.

*note that you should not zip up the directory containing the update site project, but rather the contents of the update site directory should be in the top level of the zip file

That is indeed the preferred way of installing extensions. We will update the documentation on the website in the near future. The “dropins”-way still works but you run into strange effect such as the one you described in your other post.