How to export automatically Birt report viewer KNIME in pdf or other files ?

Hi everybody !

I created a report with Birt report viewer by KNIME and i can visualize as below :

But i would to have a Birt report in pdf generated automatically without to do manually like the node "Table to pdf".

I don't if it's possible.

Thank you for your answers

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please define what exactly you like to be generated automatically..

I assume you like to generate an updated pdfreport automatically.. for that purpouse you normaly need a KNIME Server.
however if you have a nerd nearby he is probably able to create an exe command in the windows task sheduler that runs the whole knime workflow including the creation of the pdf report on a requested shedule.


you can also use the Call Local Workflow node for this.

It will generate you the file as a binary and using the "binary obects to files" node you can than save the pdf to disk.

The Call Local workflow node is part of the personal productivity extension which is freely available from our store.

Cheers, Iris 


Hi everybody, 

Thank you for your helps, I will try the both solutions.

I have question for you Iris, i have problem with the Workflow Path, it doesn't detect the path  :

This is the path of my all workflows :

You are using the Call Remote Workflow node whereas Iris suggested to use the Call Local Workflow node.

Oh sorry for this fault, i used the Call Local Workflow and i put the path of my workflow but I have not the Birt Report of my workflow.

This is a part of my connexion and the out of Call Local Workflow  : 

Thank you for your helps


Here is an example how you can save the report to disk after the call local workflow node.


+ there seems to be some error in the called workflow. 


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Thank you Iris, It's works ! 

Hi @Iris,

I cannot get my head around how this works. I do the “formatting stuff” in BIRT (like header / footer design etc) and I can call that through the Call Local Workflow node?

Hello @kowisoft,

See here for more: Loop through rows for multiple reports

Closing this topic. In case of any new questions feel free to open up a new topic.