How to export Java Viz's?

Hello altogether,

yesterday I downloaded the newest KNIME Version, which includes the Java-Vizualisations (Sunburst, etc.). I would like to know if there is a way, to export these interactive models? 

Furthermore I combined two viz with the wrapped up metanode, but since the Java-table contains 80.000 rows it lacks performance and the interactive filtering doesn't work. Is there a way to enhance the performance?

Thank you in advance! 

Philipp :-)

Hi Philipp,

I hope you enjoy the new version!

I didn’t totally understand what do you mean by exporting the interactive models? Each JavaScript plot node has an image outport (green square) which produces a screenshot of the interactive view. Is it smth what you are searching for?

What for the performance, yes, we’re aware of these issues on large datasets (that’s why the default number of rows is 2500). And we are working on being able to handle those better.
In meanwhile you could probably do some preprocessing or aggregation and use the interactivity tools on smaller data.

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