How to extract a Tree Ensemble (Regression) model?

Hi guys,

Please, do you know how can I extract a Tree Ensemble (regression) model? For a Tree Ensemble classification model I normally use 2 nodes: “Tree Ensemble Model Extract” followed by “Table to PMML Ensemble” one. Anyway this solution seems not to work with regression tree ensemble models as it gives the following error:

ERROR Tree Ensemble Model Extract Execute failed: org.knime.base.node.mine.treeensemble.model.TreeModelRegression cannot be cast to org.knime.base.node.mine.treeensemble.model.TreeModelClassification

Any suggestion is highly appreciated.



This isn't supported, you will need to use a series of XPATH nodes to pull out your model parameters which is a large-ish amoount of work.

Thank you for your reply Aaron,

Do you know if the implementation of such a feature (meaning a node allowing the extraction of Tree Ensamble Regression models) is scheduled in KNIME?

Thank you in advance!

Hi Aaron,

Is there any news from this side? Meaning is there an easy way to covert a Tree Ensamble Regression model to PMML using the new KNIME release?

If this is not possible still, can you please point me out to some documents/resource where I can understand how to do that using a series of XPATH nodes, as you suggested me in your previous comment? I think that would be very usefull for many people.

Thanks in advance,