How to extract a Weka model in Knime format


I use the AttributeSelectedClassifier node from Weka. It returns a model in which several attributes are selected. I would like to perform several tests with these attributes.

However I can not find an automatic way to select the attributes using the Column Filter node. For this moment, I have few selected attributes (less than 50) so I can easily select them in the node manually, nut I would really appreciate an automatic way.

Is this possible?

Thank you


Hi Nice, I don't see an easy way. It looks like if you need another node, some kind of filter, that understands your Weka model. The "Weka Predictor does not help, can you derive any information from the preditor output? I tried to write the model to disk, but this is stored in the Weka serialized format and doesn't provide any insights. I assume you need to implement your own node?!?

Apologies for bumping an old thread, but I have exactly the same query. I was wondering if the OP or anyone else has implemented a node that does this.