How to extract predicted values from regression and XGBoost models

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I have built a couple of models to predict IC50 (drug response) values and I would like to extract the predicted value for each type of cell line and drug in my dataset. How would I go about doing that?

My dataset looks like this: there are IC50 values for a certain drug and it’s response on a certain cell line, each unique combination make up the rows. And I would like to know the predicted value for each of these combinations.
How would I extract in a table the unique row ID and associated prediction?

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Hi @Subha_D & welcome back to the KNIME forum,

Maybe the following workflow by @deepsika might answer your question to start with:

The following version is updated and metanodes have been converted to components:

20230621 Bioactivity prediction 18081.knwf (2.0 MB)

This workflow is adressing the problem of biological activity so I guess the closest to your IC50 prediction problem.

Hope it helps.




Hi @aworker !

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Hi @Subha_D

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Did the workflow in the reply solved your question ? If so, could you please check it :white_check_mark: as the solution so that other people can find it easily ? Thank you.

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