How to extract specific info from text in rows and create new columns from it? Regex Split node?


I have a column containing rows of the following format:
Cycle=12_Fc 3-1_Y
Cycle=13_Fc 3-1_Y
Cycle=15_Fc 3-1_Y

I would like to automatically extract “12” (cycle number) and “3-1” and create 2 new columns with these values.
It looks like the Regex Split node should work but I am not familiar with the synthax.
Thank you in advance for your help!

If the position of your extracted values is fixed and will not change, you can use the the Cell Splitter By Position node. See the attached workflow.

CellSplitterByPositionExample.knwf (6.2 KB)

If you instead need to split by delimiter, you could use the Cell Splitter node to split on underscores and/or spaces, and then do some string manipulation afterward. This would be a bit messy, but then, so is Regex, right?

Hope this helps!

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Thank you, I did not know this node, very useful!