How to fetch list of databases and tables in knime?

I have connected to hive db and i am able to do a select query. But I am not able to fetch list of tables and databases using (show tables in dbname / show databases). Is there a way to fetch table metadata.
Also is there a way to extract db spec from db table selector like extract table spec?

@harsh you could show all the table with a command like SHOW:

SHOW TABLES IN `default` LIKE "sample_1*"

To see the structure of a table you could use DESCRIBE

DESCRIBE EXTENDED `default`.`sample_01`

To explore further the possibilities of Hive and the local Big Data environment you might want to refer to this sample workflow:


The issue is not the query. I just found out that doing evaluate in node configuration uses select * from( query) which fails. But if you save the query without evaluating and test it, it runs perfectly fine.


Yes, you can execute the query but not evaluate it.

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