How to filter columns only reffering to column name

Hello there!

I’m finishing my project where I merge GDP, GDP per capita, GDP PPP and GDP PPP per capita data with Gini coefficient. Workflow is almost done, however I realised that historical records referring to above-mentioned data from years range 1960-1989 are mostly incomplete.
Could you advice how I may wipe out columns only using a column name a reference?
There is any loop possible, because Reference Column Filter is not offering such feature.
In the attachment section I’m pasting my workflow and required data.
Thank you in advance!

Gini Coefficient xlsx.xlsx (14.8 KB)
World Project.knwf (93.1 KB)
Year to GDP Per Capita.xlsx (9.6 KB)
Year to GDP PPP Per Capita.xlsx (9.7 KB)
Year to GDP PPP.xlsx (9.6 KB)
Year to GDP.xlsx (9.7 KB)

If I am understanding correctly, then I would approach this by passing the column names via flow variable into the column filter node.

I will test it today.
By my mind it looks like solution.

A shorter way of doing would be to just Regex Select the required range through a Column Filter via ^(?:19(?:8[0-9]))


I am on my cell today so I can’t see the data structure, but if the column names are indeed that simple / uniform then I would definitely go with the Regex select myself.

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