how to find job schedule details for all jobs on the Knime server


We have three users using KNIME ServerLite, each placing jobs onto the server independently. We would like to monitor the job scheduling across all users.

Is it possible to find out where the job schedule information is, and in what format, so we may scan that automatically and do some analysis?

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Sorry for this silly question, but how can I display the content of a table in the web portal?



Hi David,

Unfortunately that isn't possible yet. The method that I describe could be considered as a temporary workaround, but I can't guarantee that this method will continue to work with version upgrades...

In the knime-server-repository, workflow directory each scheduled workflow contains a directory called .metainfo which in turn contains a file called 'schedule.xml'. This xml file contains the schedule information.

Please note that this is totally unsupported, and the format (or existence) of these files may change with server upgrades.



Hi Jon

Many thanks for the info, we will be happy to work with this appreciating that the format or existence may change.

if it is possible to make requests for the scheduler, a way to monitor what jobs are placed and the scheduling condition would be very helpful.

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Hi David,

yes it is definitely possible to ask for feature requests. This one is already in our system and I will add a +1 vote from you :-)

Best wishes, Iris

I wrote a similar workflow earlier this week - it uses a Vernalis load text-based files node, which is generally quicker than the looping approach. The XPath node is easily configured to extract additional information. Hopefully it is otherwsie pretty self-explanatory!

Hope this helps!