How to find the other website which are hosted on the server?

How do you find out which other web sites or domains are hosted on a web server that hosts the site ?
In theory, all web servers (which are nothing but computers running software to serve web pages) are assigned unique IP addresses on the Internet. If a web server is hosting a website, the IP address of that site will be the same as that of the server. And if multiple domains are hosted on that web server, they will all have the same IP address which will again be same as that of the web server.
So how we can find it by the knime?
I find this website to assist the process:

Hi @natanzi , with virtualization, what you said is not necessarily true. You can have 1 physical machine that’s spawning multiple virtual servers, each with their unique ip address.

May I ask what’s the purpose of finding websites that are hosted by the same server?

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Dear @bruno29a
Yes, your claim is valid,
I have bones to some IP to use service free, while under each IP, many other websites are not eligible to get this offer; in this stage, I need to find the count of the other URL website behind each IP.
As I check the below URL, share the other websites hosted on the same IP.

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