How to find the top 10 values per year and plot them (in a line chart)

Hi there,

I am currently struggling with the KNIME 66 Days of Data tasks. Especially the time plot stuff seems to be quite difficult to me.

So I have the dataset that shows year, artists and number of tracks per artist.

I read the task for day 48 and interpret it as follow: Create a line plot for every artist (meaning all lines in one single chart) and their tracks per year.

Having a top 10 list (per year) I want the years in the x axis, the artists in the y axis and basically the values shown as 10 different lines (for 10 different artists) across the plot.

However, all I get is a plot with 1 line which seems to summarize all the titles published in that year.

Hope there is a solution.

I do not know the challenge but plotting sometimes require to pivot the data first. Have you tried reshaping it and then plotting?


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