How to generate a conversion in a serie of numbers ( Coordinates)

Hi everybody, im trying to make a conversion from a gradual tipe of coordinates to a series of numbers =(decimal) . We know that the methode of conversion is dividing the minutes (/60) and seconds (/3600) but we dont know wich node is the correct that we should use.


We need to pass the ° ’ " to xx.xxxx

Hola a todos, estoy tratando de hacer una conversión de un tipo gradual de coordenadas a una serie de números =(decimal). Sabemos que el método de conversión es dividir los minutos (/60) y los segundos (/3600) pero no sabemos qué nodo es el correcto que debemos usar.

Necesitamos pasar los ° ’ " a xx.xxxx

Hi @Tripaflaca,

Currently there is no dedicated node for this. Therefore, I suggest extracting the needed values and then running the computations you mentioned.
To extract the values you could use the Regex Split node (I tried with the regex (\d+)°(\d+).((?:\d|\.)+)..(N|S|W|E), regular expressions are a larger topic, but a very good resource to test them is

Good luck!

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Hi @dora_gcs @Tripaflaca ,

It’s not available in native KNIME nodes, but what you’re looking for is available via the Palladian extension, specifically —> this node.


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