How to get an error if the table is empty

Hi all,

I read a table from DB by applying certain conditions based on date. And if the table is empty, I want the workflow to fail with an error.

like the picture below.
With the “Empty Table Switch” node, the top port is enabled when there is data, and the top port is disabled when there is no data.

If there is no data, I want to throw an error rather than the level being disabled, is there a good way?

As an additional explanation, the reason I want the error to occur is that when I run the workflow sequentially, I want to prevent the execution of the subsequent workflow if the task fails.

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I solved the problem by using the Empty Column Checker node. :relieved:
If you know of any other good way, please let me know.


Hi @jjlee -

You might also consider the Breakpoint node for this case. It can check for an empty table, among other things, and also allows you to output a custom error message.


Thank you for answer. This is exactly the node I want. :grinning:

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