How to get date/time flow variables working in Extract Time Node

I have been  trying with all my might to use date/time fields as flow variables inserted into a "Extract Time" node so that I can set the date difference to filter rows by with those date/time variables. However, whenever I try to use them as flow variables I just get parsing errors, any ideas ? I have tried putting the date/time columns for the variables back to strings first, and also tried a range of date formats without success.

Hi richards,


we right now don't have the date/time flow variables. Therefore you cannot use them in the extract time window node.

I would suggest you try the Time Difference node (using execution time and (milli)second as granularity) on your initial data table.

You than get a double containing the difference between the time cell and the current time. These can than be used for the row filter nodes as flow variables.

Does that solve your problem?


Best, Iris

Hi Iris,

Many thanks for your quick response. That did the trick, but I had to get my brain round it. It would be great if in a future release we can get date/time variables, then my brain won't hurt as much :-). Thanks for the great tip though. Cheers,Simon.


I am trying a similar thing were I need to extract a time window but the time window needs to be passed in as a variable from a different spreadsheet.  I tried to do what Iris mentioned with the time difference node but I am unable to figure out how to extract the window using row filter.