How to get more than one position with the String Manipulation node

I'm new to KNIME and I wanted to search inside .xls data for a certain word. In the excel table I have a column with text and inside of that text I want to find out the position of a certain word, by using the String Manipulation Node like that:

indexOf($Text$,"word" ,"w" )

Now I get a new column where the index of the word is shown, or the number "-1" if the word is not existing in the text. The problem is that I want to find all indices and not only the first. So if the word of interest is existing more than once, I also want to get the other positions.

Is there a possibility to use the String Manipulation Node for that problem, or do I have to take another node?

Thanks for your help


Hi Patty,

no I am sorry this is not possible. One idea would be to search recursively, so if you find one, make a new search starting after this position.

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this was helpful , thanks

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