How to get results of the HttpRetriever?


can somebody explain why I dont get any "HttpResult Output" when I use the following workflow example provided by KNIME: ?

I think the solution is quite easy but I did not find it yet :-( 

Thanks for the help!


Hi Jasmin,

what does the output table from the second node (HttpRetriever) contain? Does the second column (Result) contain a value or a question mark? Do you get any log output showing a warning/error, when you execute the HttpRetriever node?

Philipp (developer of the Palladian nodes).

Hi Philipp, 

the table looks like this: 

Row 1    I    I    ?

I don't get any warning error, the "traffic light" is even green. But with no result the next node (FeedParser) can't go further. 

Do you have any suggestions? 


Hi Jasmin,

I just double-checked, the workflow runs fine for me (i.e. the given URL can be accessed without problems on my machine). Some ideas for localizing the issue:

  1. Can you access the feed URL in your web browser?
  2. Can you try accessing a different feed URL via the workflow? e.g.
  3. Could you turn on DEBUG log level? (KNIME preferences -> KNIME -> KNIME GUI, please restart KNIME after that)
  4. On the top of the console output, there is an information concerning the Palladian version, please post it here.
  5. Then please re-run the HttpRetrieverNode and see whether there is any log output which might give a hint on the problem.
  6. Are there any specialties about your network config? (especially: are you behind a proxy server?)