How to get rid of security warning window, when starting analytics platform?

Hi. Does anyone have an idea, how to prevent Knime from opening a warning window? I want to get rid of it, as it prevents running knime workflow from command line, as a user click, yes or no is required in this window to before the application starts. I’ve tried to go through all settings without results. I think this annoyance started in v3.5 or 3.4. Thanks!

“Security warning,
The current webpage is trying to open a site on the internet. Do you want to allow this?
Current site: about:blank
Internet site: about:blank
Yes / No.”

Hi @jkilpinen -

Have you tried unchecking all of the “Show…” check boxes on the KNIME welcome page? Another thing to try is disabling the Workflow coach under Preferences.

If you’ve tried both of these and are still experiencing the issue, can you take a quick screenshot that I can forward onto our developers? Thanks!

Hi, thanks for reply. I’ve tried both, without luck. What helped was downgrading Knime to 3.2. Here’s screenshot from the problem in 3.5

Thanks for the screenshot. I’ll make a ticket about this in our system, and bring it up with our developers.

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