how to get the data from table view


I have a doubt that how i can get the data from the table view. 

for example:

I click the "read table" button on the XML Reader which has read datas from one file,

then the data view will be displayed。

Now i run the workflowFile on the command line!  how can i get the datas read from the XML Reader(the workflowFile contains  only the xml reader node)? 


In general, when you want to save the data from a table produced by a node, you should connect a 'writer' type of node to save the data to a file (or database, etc.). The I/O node category has a number of writer nodes (e.g. CSV writer). Also, if you're writing XML to files, check out the XML Writer node (I think you need to download the XML file node extensions, which it looks like you're already done). I did my best to understand your problem. I hope this helps. By the way, check out the learning hub for more info.

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