How to give user based access to workflow

How can we allow user based access to the workflows from Knime Analytics Platform or from Server. Users are authenticated via LDAP. I know there is a group based access but that is not helping because I still need to add the LDAP user to the local server DB which I do not want because I have to create the password for LDAP user. Can we just allow workflow access to the user based on their LDAP username?

This will be possible with the upcoming KNIME Server 4.9 release end of June.


@thor Will this be possible with any version of KNIME analytics platform as well? Do you have any document that mentions if this feature will be released in the upcoming version?

You need to have both the latest server and client. Older clients don’t have the UI to set permissions for individual users.
The changelog on the server download page will list all new features once it’s released.