How to group data with 2 conditions

This is part of my data and my question to answer.
I try to use ‘groupup’ but I failed.

Thanks a lot!

Hi @Jocelyn and welcome to the KNIME forum

I did not understand your question, or better, what the output should look like. I created a simple workflow group_by_2.knwf (21.9 KB). One of the branches uses the GroupBy node and the other uses the Pivot node. Hope one of them helps you out.

gr. Hans


Hi @Jocelyn and welcome to the KNIME forum,

As @HansS mentioned, your question is not clear. But I guess you want the top “Provider” by the NOS value in each Category.

To do that, you can use the Rank node. If you want to calculate sum of NOS values for each provider in each category before ranking, you can use the GroupBy node.

Here is an example workflow for you:
top_provider.knwf (29.1 KB)



Thank you so much for your solution!

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Thank you so much sir! This is exactly what I want to realize.

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